Real Estate And Construction

           Real estate and construction legal service is one of the core services of China CommercialLaw Firm. Since foundation theLaw Firm has always actively engaged as a leading role in this field.

Real estate and Construction Legal Service Department of China CommercialLaw Firm brings together a group of outstanding professionals, with extensive experiences in providing all types of legal services to key players in the field of real estate, including government departments, real estate developers, real estate funds, real estate acquisition entities, construction project owner entities, construction companies and other domestic and foreign investors.
On the basis of rich local resources in South China, Real estate and Construction Legal Service Department accurately grasps the local legal background and market conditions to provide clients with comprehensive legal services. Meanwhile, relying on the comprehensive large platform, close cooperation with professional departments, financial teams, companies and capital market teams, the real estate service team has undertaken a lot of real estate acquisitions, establishment and operation of real estate investment funds, real estate asset securitization, and real estate companies listing projects. Working closely with Dispute Resolution Team, China Commercial Law Firm also has rich experiences in real estate litigation and arbitration.

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