Bankruptcy & Liquidation

Introduction to the Department of Bankruptcy Reorganization and Liquidation in China Commercial Law Firm


China Commercial Law Firm has engaged in the practice of bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation for years, running a professional department on these affairs where more than forty expert layers work for. Being the first real precedent of the practice of bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation as early as 1993, China Commercial Law Firm has made a significant contribution to bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation practices as well as becoming particularly splendid nationwide through over two decades’ development. With the outstanding practice standards and theoretical attainments, China Commercial Law Firm is now the registered bankruptcy administrator of Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court and the council member of Shenzhen Bankruptcy Institute meanwhile. 


Due to the reputation derived from the practices of enterprises bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, lawyers from China Commercial Law Firm were appointed to be the members of working group of Supreme People’s Court’s Judicial Interpretation on Enterprises Bankruptcy Law in the year 2006, directly participating in drafting the judicial interpretation aforementioned as representatives of legal profession. In addition, lawyers from our department have published a great number of professional works about bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation which highly showed academic value. 


Lawyers from our department were assigned as bankruptcy administrator, director of liquidation team, legal counsel of creditors and the director taking charge of creditors’ meeting of those enterprises which were pushed into bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation proceedings over theses years since 1993, being responsible for mountains of work on enterprises bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation. Owing to the professional competence and plentiful experience, our department is highly regarded at the field of enterprises’ bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation through respective parties. 


Followings are main cases that our department handled:


Cases of bankruptcy reorganization including case of Guangxi Beishan Pharmaceutical Inc., Ltd (ticker code: 600556); case of Huafu Top Dyed Melange Yarn Inc., Ltd (ticker code: 002042); case of Dongxin Electrical Carbon Inc., Ltd (ticker code: 600691); case of Shenzhen Jade Cargo International Co., Ltd; case of Hubei Huaqing Power Co., Ltd etc;


Cases of bankruptcy liquidation including case of Shenzhen Jiancai Group Co., Ltd; case of Shenzhen Futian Investment Management Co., Ltd; case of Shenzhen Jinfang Pawn Co., Ltd; case of Shenzhen Minsk World Co., Ltd; case of Shenzhen Jinmao Plastics Co., Ltd; case of Shenzhen Fanchida Co., Ltd; case of Shenzhen Aobo Chuanqi Industrial Co., Ltd; case of Academic Center of Shenzhen University; case of Shenzhen Hualianfa Precision Mold Co., Ltd; case of Shenzhen Xingzhidu Trading Development Co., Ltd; case of Shenzhen Shenyi Piezoelectric Technique Co., Ltd; Shenzhen Chunhua Investment Co., Ltd etc.



■ Accepting People’s Court’s appointment on acting as administrator of enterprises bankruptcy reorganization, reconciliation and liquidation cases;

■ Accepting People’s Court’s appointment on acting as the member of enterprise compulsory liquidation team;

■ Working as legal counsel and reorganization participant of stakeholders including target enterprises, reorganization parties, shareholders and strategic investor;

■ Filing for enterprise bankruptcy to the court while acting as agent of creditors, debtors and other subjects;

■ Applying for compulsory liquidation to the court while acting as agent of shareholders and creditors;

■ Participating in bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation process while acting as legal counsel of creditors and retaking oblige;

■ Being commissioned by shareholders or enterprise liquidation team to be legal counsel of the team;

■ Being commissioned by supervision department on involvement of risk disposition work from financing institution including securities company and trust company;

■ Providing legal advice on complicated reorganization task and helping to acquiring distressed company while representing multinational corporations and international financing institutions;

■ Other practice about bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation.

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