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Founded in 1993, China Commercial Law Firm is one of the first approved partnership law firms in China. Having been persistently striving for over 20 years,  China Commercial Law Firm has become one of the largest comprehensive law firms, Until December 2019, China Commercial Law Firm has a staff of 1128 people, among which 163 are partners and 755 are practising Chinese lawyers. The total income of 2015 has made an increase of 93.14% and reached 200 million RMB (excluding the income of branches).China Commercial Law Firm's headquarter is located in Central Business District of Shenzhen – the 22ed and 23th floor of China Travel Service Tower, the geographical location and the transportation condition of which are both superior .At present, China Commercial Law Firm has set up branches in Sydney and Qianhai. The first mainland and Hong Kong joint venture law firm in China. Branches are also set up in Longgang and Changsha. Other branches are also in preparation in other major cities of China.
China Commercial Law Firm has an extensive range of clients, including large multinational companies among Fortune 500 companies and various kinds of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises as well as private enterprises, the business of these clients ranging from traditional manufacturing to internal and external banking, financial and insurance investment funds, communications, information technology and real estate and so on; Meanwhile, China Commercial Law Firm also provides legal services to governments, industry associations, institutions and citizens.
The legal services provided by China Commercial Law Firm is of great competitive edge , With supports of local and industry advantages and furthermore international perspectives. Having been developing in Shenzhen for the past score years, China Commercial Law Firm has won its good reputation through establishing close business relationships not only with government, judicial departments and business sectors of Shenzhen Municipality and the Pearl River Delta Region, also with China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, SASAC and other regulatory organizations. Especially, China Commercial Law Firm has close ties and harmonious relations with securities service institutions.  China Commercial Law Firm has initiated the Sino-Global Legal Alliance -- “SGLA” commonly with other influential colleagues by which we extends the geographic business of its legal services to more than a dozen domestic cities even overseas.
For decades, China Commercial Law Firm has been continuingly growing, achieved a series of accomplishments, and hit our brand of significant influences. China Commercial Law Firm is one of the "National Outstanding Law Firm" and the only law firm in Shenzhen with the prize of "Shenzhen Top Brand". China Commercial Law Firm is not only one of the top 15 national securities law firms assessed by China Securities Regulatory Commission and National Bar Association, but also one of the annual Asia-Pacific Top 500 law firms awarded by "Asia Pacific Legal 500". As a founding member, China Commercial Law Firm has established Sino-Global Legal Alliance “SGLA” with global ranking Hawking Lovells International Law Firm and other excellent law firms from China's 10 major cities. China Commercial Law Firm is also the only partner of police officers of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau for giving legal aids on maintaining legitimate rights of during law enforcement.
Looking forwards to the future, China Commercial Law Firm is eager for greater development to realize the dream of being a century-year old but famous law firm. It will actively update its concept of management and take "Guard justice by law, create value through law" as its own principle. Self-dedication and social responsibility with innovative legal services are the spirits committed in each of our lawyers who dedicate themselves to providing more professional, sophisticated legal services in efficiency . China Commercial Law Firm is targeting to become the leading brand of China's legal services in five to ten years.


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