Our Team

Partners of China Commercial Law Firm consists of professional lawyers with rich experience. They have been practicing law for many years in relevant areas of legal business. Many partners have ever served in government departments, legislative bodies and public security bureau, procuratorate, and court of justice; and many partners also hold the post in other various social functions. Our Chief Partner Attorney Gao Shu has worked as a member of fourth and fifth CPPCC of Shenzhen Municipality, Vice President of the fourth and fifth Shenzhen Municipal Bar Association, Director of Guangdong Provincial Bar Association, Director of Cultural Affairs of Guangdong Provincial Bar Association, Municipal Bar Association CPC Committee member, President of workers’ union of Municipal Bar Association, and Deputy Director of Municipal CPPCC Legal and Nationality Religion Committee.

China Commercial Law Firm is aware that talents are the key to continually offer legal services with high qualities. China Commercial Law Firm attaches great importance to both legal practice and legal theory; and has established strategic partnerships with Law School of Shenzhen University. China Commercial Law Firm focuses on cultivating scholar-attorneys with solid theoretical foundations. Therefore, it annually dispatches a number of excellent attorneys for training and studying in universities or some oversea professional institutions. Moreover, China Commercial Law Firm pays close attention to practical skills training. Specialized teams take regularly charge of organizing various trainings and inviting senior practitioners to give theme lectures. China Commercial Law Firm has also co-organized professional seminars with Guangdong SASAC, Shenzhen Municipal Intellectual Property Office, and Sino-Global Legal Alliance, “SGLA” for several times.
Currently, China Commercial Law Firm has established a team of personnel consisting of experienced partner attorneys, professional attorneys and outstanding paralegals. This team of talents is an important guarantee for sustainable development of China Commercial Law Firm . China Commercial Law Firm annually selects the best college graduates taking trainees.  young lawyers we trained over the years are our assets. China Commercial Law Firm provides the platform and ideal place to these young lawyers. And these young lawyers will also inject new fresh blood and vitality to our Law Firm.

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